TT-ThinkTur provides strategic advisory and specialized consultancy services in the Hospitality and Tourism sector, as well as “hand-on” management and operation of Travel & Tourism companies and hotel, golf and real estate resort developments.
The company is led by Luís Correia da Silva and brings together specialised partners with sector and industry proven experience, carried out over several decades in a different specific economic and financial environment.
TT-ThinkTur and its associates work mostly in Portugal, yet have been already involved in projects and strategic advisory and consultancy services abroad, namely in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Egypt and Macao.



TT-ThinkTur, through its skills and experience, provides added value to real estate developers, real estate owners, tourism operators and investors in Hospitality & Tourism assets, under a philosophy of direct advisory and/or “hands-on” management and operation.
TT-ThinkTur has the capability to elaborate specialised studies, create concepts and develop new projects, present, discuss and negotiate them with interested entities, and other relevant institutions or potential investors. Besides these, it is also able to undertake planning, coordination and follow-up of projects’ completion, which provides its clients with an integrated and sustainable approach project delivery (turnkey projects).



TT-ThinkTur differentiates itself by the way it:

  • Devises and manages information and acquired knowledge on Hospitality & Tourism;
  • Assembles skills and diverse experience from the team of collaborating professionals;
  • Interacts and relates with stakeholders, entities, institutions and companies to whom it provides services;
  • Creatively collaborates in projects and programs;
  • Presents its proposals and undertakes solutions in line with the interests of all stakeholders;
  • Implements, with a “hands on” approach, the solutions it proposes or suggests to its clients;

TT-ThinkTur and its collaborators are recognised by their unique capability of creative and strategically thinking (out of the box thinking), which allows them to draw visions and define adequate objectives to each scenario, as well as propose sustainable solutions to each intervention.

TT-ThinkTur is also accredited for its business enabling capabilities, able to generate synergies by integrating the activities and interests of different stakeholders under a common benefit, while promoting structured solutions for deadlock situations.